Old Coins and Stamps

Collecting old coins and stamps is an easy way to help raise money!

Stamps, whether in an album or not, all have some intrinsic value and coins of any age and from any country do too.

First and Second class stamps taken off of envelopes at a margin of 1-2 cm are an excellent source of donation as they are normally just thrown away along with the envelope that they are attached to.

Any old UK decimal postage stamps post 1971 i.e. in pounds and pence, are also a good revenue source along with any other world stamps.

Coins are very much the same, especially Pre-Euro coins that are no longer legal tender in that country and therefore of little or no value. We can get £12.50 for every kilo of stamps, rising to £15 per kilo when 20 kilos have been collected. We can also get up to 80% face value for exchangeable currency and £4.50 per kilo for non-exchangeable currency. All silver content coins can generate £12.50 per 100g.

All you have to do is set up a collection point and ask your staff, colleagues, family and friends to bring in their old stamps and unwanted coins. When you have filled a reasonable size bag or box, all you have to do is get in touch to arrange a delivery/collection.

This is a great activity for schools and youth groups and can involve a lot of young people!

T: 023 8063 4596

E: fundraising@ssj.org.uk