Specialist supported accommodation

How do we help?

Some people need a bit of extra care and investment to help them live a better life. Our specialist accommodation provision enables people with very specific needs to find the best way for them to live their day to day lives.

Our specialist accommodation has a focus on recovery as well as helping people who wish to continue living their chosen lifestyle stay safer and healthier.

At SSJ we believe that recovery often means different things to different people. At SSJ we believe that people should be offered as many different options as possible to help them engage with change. We are not focused on abstinence as the only option – we recognise this works for some people but for many others it is unrealistic.

Choice is something that everyone is entitled to, even if sometimes those choices are not always wise!

Services We Provide

Integrated Offender Management - Supported Housing

This hugely successful service has gained recognition across county borders and is thought to be the only service of its kind, providing a housing solution for people whose substance use problems are at the root of their offending behaviour. The IOMS housing provides a safe, structured, substance-free environment, where people…

  • Hampshire
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Recovery Housing

Our Recovery Housing is for people who are starting their recovery journey and need a safe place to live to enable them to focus on the change they are seeking in their lives. The support provided here is focused on the individual and how they want their journey…

  • Portsmouth
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Alcohol Accommodation Service

Our specialist alcohol supported accommodation supports 24 adults who are trying to overcome their problematic alcohol use so that they can have a better, healthier future. All the support is tailored around individual need and people are encouraged to progress at a pace that is comfortable…

  • Southampton
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