Sleep Out 2019 – Terms and Conditions

The Society of St James

Sleep Out Terms and Conditions

By registering for the Society of St James Sleep Out, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

As an individual:

  1. Only registered participants may take part in the Sleep Out. You must have registered prior to the event as an individual or as a team.
  2. You will aim to raise a minimum of £150 per person by the 15th November 2019 either by using a recognised online fundraising portal or by using the SSJ sponsorship form available on request.
  3. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian and will be asked to sign a consent form on entry to the event. The minimum age for the event is 15 years old.
  4. Please arrive at the event between 7pm & 7.45pm on Friday 15th November to complete the registration and collect a wristband. All participants need to be ready to leave the event on Saturday morning by 7.00am. If visitors are just attending for the evening they will be asked to leave the site by 11pm.
  5. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are healthy enough for sleeping out overnight in November. If in doubt, please seek medical advice. Please advise those in the first aid tent of any medical conditions you feel they should be aware of on entering the event.
  6. We strongly advise you to dress and prepare appropriately for the event with layers of warm clothing, a warm sleeping bag and camping/yoga mat for insulation, ear plugs, eye mask etc as this event is held outside.
  7. You are responsible for your own weather protection and comfort. The ground is likely to be cold and damp, possibly muddy, so it is essential to have something insulating and something waterproof to lie on as well as to cover you. A combination of cardboard and plastic sheeting is often used. We advise you bring a flask of hot drink should you need it through the night.
  8. During the event you are responsible for your own, and your teams, safety and security. You must agree to take reasonable care not to compromise other participants’ safety and security.
  9. It is your responsibility to inform those distributing food at the event of any dietary requirements or food allergies that you may have.
  10. Please travel to the event on public transport where possible or car share. We are unable to provide designated parking, although street parking is available in the area.
  11. SSJ accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to your personal belongings during the event. We strongly advise you not to bring valuables – leave as much as you can at home!
  12. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted during the event. Any participant believed to be under the influence will be required to leave the event.
  13. Smoking or vaping is not permitted at the event other than in the designated area which will be well signposted.
  14. No animals are permitted at the event with the exception of guide dogs.
  15. Please be respectful of those trying to sleep. If you are chatting or disruptive whilst others are trying to sleep, you will be asked to move to another area.
  16. In the event of an emergency you must follow directions given by the security and stewarding staff.
  17. You must comply with all instructions and directions from SSJ staff. Failure to do so may result in you being required to leave the event.
  18. By taking part, all participants confirm that they are happy for their photographs/footage to be taken during the Sleep Out which may be used for future marketing/fundraising purposes.
  19. SSJ will make every effort to ensure that the event runs as planned however we do reserve the right to cancel or alter the event without notice if we feel it to be in the interests of safety e.g. due to severe weather conditions. Please regularly check the website on the day of the event for updates.  In the event of a cancellation, those who have donated through an online platform will be given 2 weeks from the cancellation period in which to request a refund.  Thereafter, SSJ will retain all donations made.

As a team leader you are additionally responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that all those in your team have read and agreed to the Sleep Out terms and conditions.
  2. That you will distribute all information that we give to you as a team leader to the other team members.
  3. You will ensure that the team aims to raise a minimum of £150 per team member by the 15th November 2019 either by using a recognised online fundraising portal or by using the SSJ sponsorship form available on request.
  4. That you will return a complete list of team member details 1 week prior to the event on 15th

DISCLAIMER: Please note whilst we endeavour to keep everyone who is joining our event safe, be aware that it will be cold and possibly wet and you Sleep Out at your own risk. SSJ will not accept responsibility for any accidents, injuries, damage or loss incurred. There will be first aid, security and marshals on site at all times. Mobile toilets are provided.

If you have any further questions, please email