Homelessness service, Aldershot

Homelessness service, Aldershot

North Lane Lodge is our specialist homeless service in Aldershot. Developed in partnership with the local council, the service supports men with complex issues who have been street homeless.

The support is tailored to meet the individual needs of each resident, with the aim of reducing their substance use and associated offending behaviour, to help them achieve a more stable and fulfilling life. The length of stay in the service is variable depending on each person’s specific needs, but our aim is to help people achieve the changes they seek in their lives within one year and help them to move into their own long-term home.

Opportunities to take part in positive activities and educational sessions are available on a daily basis and there are opportunities for people to access volunteering and work placements that help them develop their life skills in readiness for their eventual move back into independent living.

The service also operates a 5-bedroom shared house for men who are nearly ready for the move to independent living but still require some additional support to manage the required responsibilities to achieve independence.

In 2022 we saw 5 clients achieve their goals and move on to independent living in their own self-contained accommodation with support from the team.

Referrals to the service are through Rushmoor Borough Council, Inclusion and other housing providers.

For further information on housing options in Rushmoor contact:

T: 01252 398634

E: housingoptions@rushmoor.gov.uk

Rushmoor Borough Council
Council Offices
Farnborough Road
GU14 7JU

Or contact SSJ for further information.

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