Bridge2Volunteering (B2V)

Bridge2Volunteering (B2V) is our hugely successful peer support and recovery volunteering project based at the Southampton Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service.

Most of our B2V volunteers have their own lived experience of substance use and addiction. They know what it’s like to struggle with the pressures of daily life when caught up in the desperation of the lifestyle – they have experienced the stress, guilt, sadness and confusion that come with it. But most importantly of all they really understand the challenge of trying to engage with change to rebuild their lives, find a job, rebuild relationships, and recover their self-respect and confidence. Because of this, they can empathise with, and be an example to, their peers taking the first step towards recovery.

B2V volunteers provide invaluable support to people throughout their recovery journey and with the day-to-day running of the psycho-social treatment service. Many of our B2V Volunteers have moved on into formal education and paid employment.

In the last year, 37 volunteers have enrolled in formal education and 29 have moved on to paid employment, some securing paid work with SSJ!.

You can also read some stories from people who have turned their lives around, through volunteering with the B2V project here: