Southampton Street Intensive Service

At SSJ we believe that everyone can succeed in life, but we recognise that success is different for each person. At Southampton Street we work with people to help them identify for themselves what they want to do to make their lives better. The most important question we ask people when they come to Southampton Street is “What do you need from us today to help you?” Too often, when vulnerable people try and seek support from services they are bombarded with questions, often very personal questions that can cause them a lot of distress, lots of paperwork and, from what people tell us, an attitude that suggests that ‘we know what’s best for you’.

We don’t think we know what is best for people – we believe that people are the expert in their own lives. Our approach at Southampton Street is to try and help people engage with whatever suits them to help them progress and achieve their goals. For some the focus will be around their daily living skills, for others it may be their reading and writing skills. People who have experienced a lot of trauma in their lives simply need to feel as if somebody cares about them, and our values around respect, and treating people using our services as valued human beings, helps them build trusting relationship with our support staff, which in turn helps them to become more confident about their future.

Southampton Street is a 24 hour, seven day per week service, commissioned by Southampton City Council as part of its homelessness provision, and provides a temporary home for 26 adults from many different backgrounds, who all need help in some way.

Contact us for more information, or to donate food and clothing.

T: 023 8022 3479 

Note: Access to this service is only through the Southampton city council’s Street Homeless Prevention Team .

Street Homeless Prevention Team

T: 023 8083 2343


Day Centre
30 Cranbury Avenue,
SO14 0LT

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm