Community Day Rehab

Community Day Rehab is now offering online support groups for people accessing services for substance use.

They are being run via the platform of Zoom, so participants will need to have access to the internet, and create a Zoom account.

The Community Day Rehab is our hugely innovative approach to rehabilitation for people starting on their recovery journey and for whom a residential placement would not be suitable. Whilst the idea of going to a completely different place, away from any of the realities of your daily life, may seem like an ideal solution, our experience shows that many people find returning home the most difficult part of this journey. All of the problems and the circumstances of their lives that were there before they left, are often still there when they return, and for some people the residential rehab has not helped them build the resilience they need to maintain their recovery.

We believe that for a person to really address their substance use problems, the best place to do this is within the community they intend to continue living in.  People have really changed their lives here and 80% of all people who participate graduate at the end of their 12 week programme, which is always celebrated!

The Community Day Rehab is unique in that people go home at the end of each day, but have a network of support around them that they can call on if they start to experience any difficulties.  The programme is based on the Recovery Capital Model, which focuses on:

Social capital – the resources people have to call on through their relationships with others

Physical capital – tangible assets, including safe housing, employment and meaningful activity

Human capital – life-skills, confidence, resilience, good health – all the things you need to support you on your recovery journey

Cultural capital – personal values, attitudes and beliefs that support people to achieve positive social integration

The weekly timetable includes structured group activities, one-to-one support, peer-led groups and activities, educational and training opportunities and family work.

Referrals can also be made through our Recovery Hub and housing services.

T: 023 9286 1423