Urgent Appeal for building materials

This appeal is urgent. Please email Fen.Walker@SSJ.org.uk

Urgent Appeal: As a not-for-profit housing provider we are working hard to provide a safe and secure environment for vulnerable people during COVID-19.

We are struggling to get hold of important supplies so we can do the necessary work on the properties we are preparing for people affected by homelessness.

This includes but is not limited to; Basic repair supplies to keep people secure and safe in their properties. These are things like locks and keys, basic plumbing supplies, wood, basic electric supplies (lamps/bulbs, replacement electric socket covers, etc).

We are also struggling to get enough of the following:

Basic electric and plumbing supplies
Toilet Seats
Flooring (lino and carpets)
Venetian Blinds
Window restrictors

Can you or a business you know help?

Email Fen.Walker@SSJ.org.uk with details