Fundraising – How to Support Us

Welcome to the first in a new series of blogs about how you can fundraise for SSJ.

As a charity that supports people affected by homelessness and complex issues such as a history of trauma with subsequent alcohol dependency or drug addiction, we are always looking for ways to brighten up the lives of the individuals we support.

Fundraising for SSJ is a great way to show your support – knowing that the money you raise goes to support and help those who traditionally have nothing at all.

We recently released a video where CEO Trevor Pickup talks a little about the properties we buy and refurbish and how that benefits our service users in giving them a chance to move on into their own accommodation and the effect that has on their mental wellbeing.

Most people who have been impacted by homelessness have no ID, no decent clothes to attend job interviews and occasionally need help to travel to and from job interviews and training.

This is where your help with fundraising for us comes in by helping to fund the refurbishment of properties ring-fenced for those who have been homeless and to help them move on in life.

Here are 5 ways you can fundraise for SSJ and help make a difference to our service users and residents.

Think up a theme

Why not spend your day at work wearing a hat that you have made, or perhaps spend a day at your desk in a sleeping bag. Think about something you and your colleagues will enjoy and raise money by getting people to sponsor you to build, create or do.

Host a Quiz

Get as many friends together – staying as socially distanced as possible and host a quiz. Or why not live-stream a quiz on Youtube and share it across community groups. We’d suggest setting up tickets to attend (Eventbrite is good for this) and send the link for live streaming an hour before the quiz goes live.

Tennis Teams

Get together with a group of friends at a tennis court and have 10 or more on each side – when somebody misses the ball somebody takes their place. Each person is sponsored for 10/20p for every ball missed. Our comms man Dennis once did this and it is a lot of fun to do.

E-Treasure Hunt

Why not be the new Anneka Rice and set up a treasure hunt for friends and family. We’d suggest a £5 entry fee – do it digitally and set up pages and clues across the internet that lead to one big prize. From a web page with a puzzle to solve leading to a newly set up social media channel – we’d be happy to help by storing the final answer somewhere for you….

Keep it Simple

Sometimes the best ways to raise money are the simple ones. Run, walk, jog, climb, walk, bike, whatever you want to do to raise money for SSJ – it all helps make a massive difference to those we look after – so go raise money and have a fantastic summer of fundraising for SSJ!

Are you already raising money for SSJ? Let us know and we can share it on our channels. Email

  • £30 raised could buy one person much needed ID
  • £40 raised could give one week of travel to interviews or training
  • £50 raised could buy an outfit for a job interview

In 2022 The Society of St James turns 50. From now till July next year we will be publishing 50 stories from SSJ – such as the incredible journey of Liam which was released last week. Let us know if you want to raise money for us in our jubilee year. Email