Below you'll find a list of our projects and the items they need. You'll also be able to find out how urgent the appeal is and an end-date for the items.

Our appeals change from day to day as projects work towards their needs.

Look at the links below to find out what each project needs and contact them directly using the email address provided.

Heatwave - urgent: Our projects are in need of sun cream, sunglasses, sun hats, and light summer clothing for men and women. Please click here for this urgent appeal.

Please find the latest appeals below

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Re-Fit Southampton

Urgently needed: Safety work boots, gloves & safety glasses

Our Volunteer Task Force is a new initiative, where we take willing service user volunteers to carry out different jobs that will benefit the community and others

Please contact or by July 14th if you can help.

Rough Sleepers Outreach

Urgently needed: 30 new sleeping bags

Important: Sleeping bags must be new and must have fire retardant labels. Please contact Ricki below for more information.

These sleeping bags will give 30 people affected by homelessness a safe and warm place to sleep.

Please contact by July 16th if you can help.

Homeless Support (Portsmouth)

Needed: Fishing rod/fishing kit

A resident likes fishing. This gives him the chance to learn new skills, meet new people and build confidence. He is in need of a new fishing rod. Can you help?

Please contact  by July 30th if you can help.

Jordan House (Southampton)

Needed: General living items (listed below)

Household cleaning products for residents in their flats | Washing powder, fabric conditioner | Toiletries (including shower gel, toothpaste & more | Socks (both male and female) | Coffee, tea sugar & more. Contact project staff below.

Please contact or by July 30th if you can help.

Portsmouth Homeless Drug & Alcohol

Needed: Ceramic Plan Pots

The team like to give plants to service users as part of their recovery and are in need of plant pots.

Please contact Sabrina Davis (07590 865089) or Emma Pardo (07590 865086).

Rose Road (Southampton)

Needed: Garden Plants

Rose Road are looking for garden plans to provide a bright and positive atmosphere for residents.

Please contact by July 30th if you can help.

Derby Road (Southampton)

Needed: Large Rugs

Derby Road need some high quality large rugs for their floors. Can you help?

Please contact by July 30th if you can help.

Rough sleeping Support (Port)

Needed: Toiletries & more:

Quilts, pillows, duvet covers | Bath & hand towels | Cutlery, bowls, plates | Toiletries.

Please contact by July 30th if you can help.

Charlton Road (Southampton)

Needed: Pond Pump/Filter

Charlton Road need a filter and/or pump to help maintain their pond.

Please contact by July 30th if you can help.

Radcliffe Road (Southampton)

Needed: Garden Furniture

Radcliffe Road are looking to inspire residents by providing furniture for the garden this summer.

Please contact by July 30th if you can help.

Looking to support us long term? Visit this link or reach out to Dennis: