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We recognise that every human being is unique and we provide personalised support to help them overcome their problems in their own way, and enjoy a positive and rewarding life again.

About Society of St James

SSJ is a Southampton-based homelessness charity, providing a range of supported living services in Southampton, Portsmouth and across Hampshire. We provide a wide range of support to people from all walks of life experiencing homelessness, problematic alcohol or substance use and mental health problems. .

We’ve been around for a long time and are in for the long haul


Early Years

In 1972, the Society of St James was a group of volunteers from a collection of churches who opened up a church hall to accommodate 11 homeless men. Many of the men we worked with in those early days were struggling with heavy drinking and the team realised very quickly that offering shelter was just the first step in helping people get back on their feet.


Although our organisation and the services we provide has changed in the last 45 years, our ethos remains the same. We are still responsive to the ever-changing challenges facing vulnerable people; we still believe that people can change their lives for the better with the right help, and we still believe that everyone deserves not just a second or third chance, but as many as it takes to enable them to change their lives for the better.

Social Enterprises

We also run social enterprise projects that provide a valuable benefit to the local community, and also provide volunteering opportunities and work placements to vulnerable people.

Cafe in the Park

Cafe in the Park

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Jamie's Computers

Jamie's Computers

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What can I say? Selfless people doing a job that shouldn't need doing. Deep respect.

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