Jamie’s Computers

Jamie’s Computers

Jamie's Computers offers a secure computer recycling and refurbishment service. Established in 2002, the organisation was founded with the primary goal of providing meaningful employment and volunteering opportunities to the Society's service users. Today, Jamie's Computers stands as a thriving social enterprise within SSJ, delivering a professional and secure IT disposal service to businesses and individuals.

We take pride in refurbishing donated computers, making them available for reuse. Any equipment that cannot be reused undergoes responsible recycling practices. The organisation is dedicated to maintaining high standards, ensuring that all laptops and desktop computers are professionally refurbished to a 'like new' standard.

Choosing Jamie's Computers means improving sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint, but also supporting and raising funds for The Society of St James, a homelessness charity. As all profits made goes back to investing in SSJ and the services they offer.

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Jamie's Computers