How Exercise Changed Pete’s Life

For over half my life I was an alcoholic, taking prescription and illegal drugs on a regular basis. I have lost too many friends to alcohol and drugs. Thankfully I have never been homeless, and I can’t fully imagine how tough this could be. Discovering yoga has turned my life around, it gave me a focus for the first time and something positive I could immerse myself in. Now I’m able to see things in a new and much more positive light.

I believe passionately in the power of yoga so when the opportunity came up to facilitate weekly yoga sessions to the residents and staff of Patrick House Homeless Hostel, I was keen to share the positives of what yoga can bring.

Since I’ve worked alongside Re-Fit I have witnessed the passion of the staff and seen the vital work they do in trying to engage their service users into health activities. It is for this reason that a group of yoga enthusiast and myself decided to fundraise for Re-Fit.

We are pleased to donate the £750 proceeds from the Yoga Fest to the Re-Fit project, to help them carry on with their important intervention.

Pete Dewbury