Case Study: Dom – the success of our care homes

Linden House – St James Care

Our care homes are an integral part of our support services; working with people with alcohol dependency as well as complex mental health needs, we provide both long-term care and specialist, intensive respite. Dom was one of our residents. He was at Linden House for a short period of time and we want to share his story as part of the build-up to our 50th anniversary in 2022.

Dom came to live at Linden for a short time after being in hospital – he had become poorly, could not look after himself so well anymore, he needed a place to stay to recuperate and have support to get back on his feet.  I caught up with Dom on the last few days of his stay at Linden House, he let me know –

‘’I felt down and depressed, hit rock bottom and the only way was up and I got a place at St James Care at Linden House after being in hospital.

“It was a bit strange at first, I felt a bit odd, I felt like I wanted to leave, but I spoke to my social worker and she came out to see me, I felt better then. I’m just not used to people, but it was only like that for the first few days.

“I started to get to know people and staff chatted with me and helped me. Staff started to take me to the chemist to get my prescriptions, they were very kind, easy to speak to, I opened up more and more.  I could just get on, I took small steps at a time, staff helped me to go shopping too and I helped in return around the home, I really enjoy doing things like helping others, I got on with everyone there.

“I got back my dignity and pride. And now I’m looking forward to going back to my flat. Everyone at St James Care has helped me get back on my feet again, I’m really grateful, it’s the honest truth”.

All at Linden House will miss Dom’s bubbly, lively character, how he was always looking out for everyone around him. Dom was also supported throughout his stay by Callum from Two Saints and by CGL, and his Social Worker Sarah, who had thanked staff for how much difference they had made to Dom’s life with the support they had given.

Everyone pulled together to help him overcome complications with his health and medications, his finances and generally looking after himself.  We wish Dom well in the future and he’s hoping to return to Linden House to see us soon.

Debs – Senior Shift Leader at Linden House

Photos: With Lyn – Support Worker – With some of the staff, saying thank you and goodbye!
With Callum Intensive Support Worker from Two Saints, – leaving Linden House