Sweet Charity Choir raise the roof for SSJ

A huge thank you to Sweet Charity Choir who raised a fantastic £1,725.19 for us at the end of June 2018!

In their debut performance at St James Road Methodist Church in Southampton, the choir’s Dorset Branch sang a range of songs across all genres, including Pop, Rock, Indie, Gospel and even EDM. The choir was accompanied by a live band and lead by professional singer and musician, Jenny Deacon.

Not only did the choir provide a fantastic treat for the ears – they also spent the six months prior to the event collecting donations of goods for those who are experiencing homelessness.

These donations provided us with twelve huge boxes and several sacks full of goods; including toiletries, water bottles, books, DVDs, tinned food, bedding and clothing. These were handed out within our Southampton projects, where our service users were overwhelmed with the generosity.

If you would like to find out more about Sweet Charity Choir, you can visit their Facebook page here

Want to know more about how you can support us? Please email: fundraising@ssj.org.uk