2022 – the year so far

It’s been an exciting year for SSJ, we have had a lot happening behind the scenes – and we will have some news on what has been happening since the beginning of 2022 soon.

This year has been an exciting year for us though, not only is it our 50th anniversary – meaning we have been supporting people affected by homelessness for 50 year – but we have also been incredibly lucky to be able to engage with our supporters and hear some of the incredible stories you’ve told us about your support.

The beginning of the year started just as it has ended – with our service users enjoying the incredible backpacks put together by Fair Ways. This wasn’t the firs time they had supported us at Christmas – and the backpacks went down a treat with our service users.

We were also delighted to tell you about the modular home – something that has given one of our service users a space to enjoy – his own little home. His feedback has been that this has been ‘game changing’ for him – giving him the independence he craved.

Recently, we shared the news that our volunteer Craig had won an award for the work he has done to support people at SSJ. We are so proud of Craig and we just want to tell this story again and again.

And more recently, we heard that our care homes had been praised by care watchdogs. We have so much more to tell you about our care homes – with so many exciting stories coming out – we will get to those next week. But for now, we are so proud of the work done by our care homes and we’d love if you could tell people about the work we do. 

We’re still buzzing about the music video, written and created by residents at Linden House – supported by the SOCO music initiative.

Thank you

We have a number of news stories coming up that we cannot wait to share with you. Thank you to everybody who has supported us in 2022 – there is still so much more to do – so why not support us – and importantly – those affected by homelessness.