Green Fingers means Positive Space for Service Users

We are delighted to be working with Brodie, owner of Green Fingers Gardening Specialists, and his team who have helped us landscape our gardens to provide a place for service users to relax and unwind.

Having social areas where our service users can de-stress, relax and take time out is an important part of their journey. Just as we all enjoy gardening or being in spaces that make us feel relaxed and motivated, it is equally as important that we are able to provide the same foundations for those who have a history of homelessness.

A recent article by the Guardian spoke about this, saying that “research has shown that mindfulness exercises that focus one’s attention on the here and now and stop our minds wandering to the past or worrying about the future are an important therapeutic tool.”

At the Society of St James, we believe that providing a home, a garden, or a place that makes somebody feel good about themselves is part of their ongoing journey which gives them hope and makes them feel good about their future.

Thank you to Brodie and his team for their invaluable work to support people affected by homelessness.

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