50th birthday celebrations raise money for SSJ

James chooses to support SSJ for his 50th

We’ve posted about the many ways people have raised money for SSJ, but one, in particular, has come to the attention of the Society of St James.
When approaching 2020, the year of his 50th birthday, James Morgan wanted to do something a little different – and asked friends and family to donate to SSJ – instead of buying him a traditional gift.

“my family are throwing a party for me, which is their gift to me, my friends are attending, which is their gift to me, so I wanted to make sure a charity close to my heart also received a gift too” said James.

He continued: “Life has been good to me, as I approach my 50th year on this planet and reflect on the love, health, fun, and happiness I have had the good fortune to have experienced, I wanted to celebrate with people I have been blessed to meet and raise some money for just one of the many good causes in our community.”

Within weeks of the page being set up, money started coming in. As of March 2020, the total sits at just over £1,000. Donations from friends range from £5 up to £100– with James asking for people to donate as little or as much as they can.

James’ reason for wanting to raise money for SSJ is a personal one. His brother Tom received help and care from the Society of St James to help him with complex health issues shortly before he passed away and James will never forget the work done by the support workers at SSJ – who helped give his brother hope of a brighter future.

He said: “my brother Tom was suffering from Mental Health (Bi-Polar) alcohol and drug issues. As a family, we struggled to cope with these complex issues and SSJ stepped in and made a big difference. I was impressed by the care and consideration, coupled with the facilities and program that SSJ offered Tom.”

“Sadly Tom didn’t make it in the end, he died of an accidental overdose – but the time he spent with SSJ and the people there gave him hope and confidence in the future.”

James continued: “homelessness is something that I believe we can end, but it takes serious investment to solve the route cause and the right people, organisations, and facilities to deliver the breakthrough needed – I see SSJ as making a huge positive impact locally and we as a family wanted to do what we can to help in any way we can.”

“I see SSJ as being a vital service locally and I’m impressed with the growth and ambitious plans they have to do even more for the vulnerable people in our society.”

If you want to support James, and in turn raise money to help people like Tom, you can donate to his Just Giving page by clicking here.