See you soon, Jane

This time last week we said ‘see you soon’ to a pivotal member of our Senior Management Team, Jane Smith.

Jane first joined SSJ as an Operations Director in February 2008 and since then has been responsible for a wide variety of our projects, including areas of our drug services and supported housing.

You can tell how much Jane means to SSJ by how her colleagues speak about her…

Andy Powell – Director of Finance and Central Services, said: “Jane is for me the ultimate example of someone who will get something done. No matter how big or small the task, she will find a way. This has meant so much to SSJ, all of her colleagues and the many service users who have directly and indirectly benefited from all the many things she has done and ways she has found during her years with SSJ. Her care, compassion and commitment will be hugely missed by us all.”

Tony Keall – Operations Director, said: “It has been a joy and a privilege to work with Jane for these last 11 years; she is totally committed, with energy and compassion in equal amounts. Personally I will miss her advice, her support, her laughter and her baking!”

Mike Taylor – Operations Director, said: “It has been my privilege to have worked with Jane for the last 11 years. Jane is incredibly driven, articulate and passionate about the work she is doing. When Jane sees something that needs improving she will improve it… if that means undertaking the training required and then pushing this through any obstacle, then so be it. She is unafraid to make the tough decisions, however she also has the ability to listen to people and change direction where required. This combination of being a self reflective, passionate and hard working leader will leave a big hole in the center of SSJ. Jane I will miss working with you and wish you all the very best wishes for your exciting new role.”

Jane moves on to work with a brand new organisation which will focus on creating alternatives to prison for women in Southampton.

We look forward to undoubtedly working in partnership with her and her new team on this in the future!