Vital SSJ documents to be translated thanks to offer of support

Translation made easy for SSJ

We at SSJ are really excited about the offer of support from Luke and the team at to translate some of our essential support documents into various languages. This will help make our services even more accessible to our service users who are already dealing with multiple disadvantages and complex issues.

Communications Officer, Dennis Jones, said: “this service is invaluable to SSJ and will mean our support documents are available to even more people.

“We are delighted that Luke and his team can provide this service to us, knowing that it will help many people who suffer from disadvantages in their life.”

Luke Palder, CEO of said:  “organisations like SSJ face tight budgets while doing great work. Thus, in concert with our mission of donating five books to a homeless shelter for every order we process, we’re thrilled to support organizations like SSJ in kind by offering translation services. It’s our way of helping remove communication barriers from already complex situations.”

Thank you