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Helping vulnerable people experiencing homelessness, problems with alcohol and substance use and other complex needs to change their lives.

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Understanding How Trauma Impacts Behaviour

What is trauma? Trauma. It’s a word we hear often, yet its actual impact on individuals can sometimes be missed or misunderstood. When we speak of trauma, we’re talking about experiences that shake a person to their core, leaving deep scars on their mind and…

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A Touch of Magic Raised Over £10,000 for SSJ

A Touch of Magic, a Portsmouth based charity who chose SSJ as their cause for 2023, have been fundraising for us throughout 2023. They set a target of £10,000, but absolutely smashed it by raising £10,836! A Touch of Magic hosted a range of events…

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Airport Lodge Joins the SSJ Stable: A Safe Space for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

We are delighted to announce the addition of Airport Lodge to the SSJ stable, our latest project aimed at providing housing and intensive resettlement support for individuals experiencing homelessness in the Farnborough and Aldershot areas.  Our dedicated team provides comprehensive, trauma-informed support, addressing a range…

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