Tackling homelessness

How do we help?

Tackling homelessness

How do we help?

We believe that it is possible to significantly reduce rough sleeping in our communities.

It is not easy, but over the years we have learnt what works. We are also aware that before the economic crash of 2008 rough sleeping was much lower than it is now. We also believe that simply providing somewhere to live is not the answer, and that people need to be able to access meaningful activity, ranging from volunteering, training, education or employment in order to fully settle into the community.


We are committed to:

  • Ensuring hostels are effective in providing the first step of accommodation for people who have been sleeping rough or threatened with homelessness.
  • Ensuring that there is sufficient move on accommodation, so that when someone is ready to leave the hostel, there is a place to go with a lower level of support still available.
  • Providing choice for those either too vulnerable or too chaotic to live in a hostel setting, by offering smaller scale accommodation with onsite staff.
  • Believing that everyone has the power to change their lives.

You can help us to make more accommodation available to rough sleepers by:

  • Donating here to help us refurbish new properties ringfenced for the homeless.
  • Offering professional skills such as conveyancing, building refurbs etc. Please contact us to discuss.
  • Contacting us if you are a contractor who is happy to work with our client group.

We own and manage a range of accommodation, including hostels, shared houses and independent flats for homeless people, with over 300 bed spaces in Southampton, Portsmouth and other parts of Hampshire and our plan is to buy an additional 36 units every year. We give the people we work with much more than just a roof over their heads – we give them the chance of a new future.

Services We Provide

Tackling Homelessness in Portsmouth

Rough Sleeping Hub, Portsmouth We work in close partnership with Portsmouth City Council and other local providers to end homelessness in Portsmouth. Society of St James’ dedicated staff support rough sleepers through our Rough Sleeping Support Service. This is the first point of contact for many people who have found themselves homeless in Portsmouth. Becoming…

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Homelessness Service, Rushmoor

Homelessness Service, Rushmoor SSJ’s homeless service in Rushmoor, developed in partnership with the local council consists of a newly opened 8-bed, high support house and a 5-bed low support house. The service has always supported men with complex issues, including histories of street homelessness, but can now also support women. The support is tailored to…

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Tackling Homelessness in Southampton

Tackling Homelessness in Southampton We work in close partnership with Southampton City Council and other local providers to end homelessness in our City. The Society of St James’ dedicated staff support individuals at different stages on their journey to independence. We work in a trauma-informed way which recognises our Service Users are from a variety…

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Just £30

Could provide a First Steps Box for someone moving off the street and into a hostel.