How do we help?

Everyone has the power to change their lives – some people just need more help and investment than others. Our support is aimed at enabling people to achieve a more rewarding life and have their own safe home again. Our role is not to tell people what they need to do to change their lives, because people have to make their own choices and decisions. What we do know is that for some people their ability to make wise decisions is  impaired because of their life experiences, and we need to respond to this with a practical but sensitive approach.

We own and manage a range of accommodation, including hostels, shared houses and independent flats for homeless people, with over 300 bed spaces in Southampton, Portsmouth and other parts of Hampshire. We give the people we work with much more than just a roof over their heads – we give them the chance of a new future.

Services We Provide

Homelessness Service, Aldershot

North Lane Lodge is our specialist homeless service in Aldershot. Developed in partnership with the local council, the service supports men with complex issues who have been street homeless. The support is tailored to meet the individual needs of each resident, with the aim of reducing their substance use and…

  • Hampshire
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Homeless Day Service

Our Homeless Day Service is the first point of contact for many people who have found themselves homeless in Portsmouth. Becoming homeless is a truly frightening experience and many people who come through our door are distressed and confused and simply don’t know where to turn. We aim to make…

  • Portsmouth
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Jordan House Lifeskills Intensive Service

Jordan House is a gem amongst the homelessness provision in Southampton! Here we house 26 people in self-contained flats who have experienced homelessness and many of the other complex issues associated with this. With our support they get the chance to practice and develop the essential skills required to manage…

  • Southampton
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Southampton Street Intensive Service

At SSJ we believe that everyone can succeed in life, but we recognise that success is different for each person. At Southampton Street we work with people to help them identify for themselves what they want to do to make their lives better. The most important question we ask people…

  • Southampton
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