The SSJ Academy

The SSJ Academy

We have launched our brand new SSJ Academy, a dedicated initiative for people experiencing multiple disadvantages.

The SSJ Academy offers our residents and service users a comprehensive programme of meaningful activities, educational pathways, and volunteering opportunities, which empowers them to address their physical, mental, and social needs, so they can transform their lives.

The SSJ Academy is made up of three pillars:

  • Academy Re-Fit: Which uses meaningful activities to combat social isolation, build trust, and improve self-esteem through sports, hobbies, and volunteering opportunities.
  • Academy Re-Set: Which offers educational courses to develop essential life skills and confidence.
  • Academy Re-Connect: Which provides assistance with finding and securing volunteering placements to enhance employability.

Find out more about the individual pillars of our new SSJ Academy, below:

Academy Re-Fit - Meaningful Activities

Academy Re-Fit offers all kinds of activities for adults aimed at improving health and wellbeing, confidence and self worth.

Academy Re-Fit's range of daily leisure activities, include: gym sessions, football, walk-n-talk, lawn bowls, get fit workouts and lots more. You can read about a trip to the Isle of Wight here.

Academy Re-Fit also provides pathways into education, volunteering and employment, with NVQ Health & Social Care Levels 2 & 3 also being offered alongside other workplace training initiatives.

Taking part in regular exercise and group activities can significantly improve the quality of life for vulnerable people and our service users report significant improvements in their physical and mental health, self esteem and social interaction.

For Re-Fit Southampton Referrals, please click here

Download the timetable

For Refit Portsmouth Referrals, please click here

Download the timetable

Academy Re-Set - Educational Pathways

Academy Re-Set offers a range of exciting accredited courses including ones that can be completed in a matter of days, such as basic literacy, numeracy, health and safety and food hygiene.

Our team have put together a really exciting programme including Get Crafty; Eat Good, Feel Good, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Independent Me. The aim is to get people into the habit of learning and to prove it is possible. This will then lead onto other learning, with longer and more advanced courses.

Academy Re-Connect - Volunteering

Volunteering is a valued antidote to social exclusion. For those who have been homeless or are facing multiple disadvantages in society, volunteering can build self-confidence, form social networks and increase employability potential.

Equally, routes into employment are so important to sustaining recovery and independence for those who have been supported through our services.  Academy Re-Connect identifies volunteering opportunities for service users across SSJ’s various projects and within partner organisations. In addition, our dedicated lead seeks partnerships with local businesses to provide work experience and employment opportunities for our more stable service users.

We welcome volunteering applications from both current and previous service users, and the general public.

There are opportunities to work in many different projects including our Social Enterprise CafeJamie’s Computers, working with the homeless or working at our head office.

If you are an organisation who would like to help us get disadvantaged adults into employment please contact us.

Read more about our Social Enterprise Café here

Read more about our Social Enterprise Jamie’s Computers here

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The SSJ Academy offers free educational, sport and employment support activities to adults (18+) who are affected by these complex issues: criminality, substance misuse, homelessness, and mental health.