Food Waste Action Week 2023

Food Waste Action Week 2023

We’re proud to announce that on March 6th we’ll be supporting Love Food Hate Waste’s Food Waste Action Week campaign.

This year’s rallying cry – Win. Don’t Bin – is a week of action which brings the nation together to save time and money by making the food we already have go further.

A soon-to-be-revealed celebrity ambassador along with a team of exciting influencers will be occupying the internet and shining a light on how the correct storage of food can provide a second (or third!) meal for free.

Throughout the week we’ll be posting fun and informative content on our socials!

Get involved. Find out how you can save time and money.

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How are we winning and not binning at SSJ?

The Society of St James are working with The Big Difference to ensure food is redistributed to those who need it. Sanjay, the Head of the Big Difference says “The Big Difference has now given away an estimated 2 million pounds worth of food since the beginning of the pandemic”.  We are extremely grateful for the unyielding efforts of the Big Difference, to make a big difference.

To support this redistribution, SSJ launched James’ Pantry at our head office towards the end of last year for our service users, residents and staff.

The increasing cost of living is having a huge impact on everyone but most painfully on those from deprived communities.

Many of those individuals suffering economic inequality are residing in SSJ properties or are accessing one or more of the other services that we offer here at The Society of St James.

James’ Pantry aims to offer a good value, environmentally friendly solution to the cost of living crisis across Southampton and eventually Portsmouth.

We collect surplus food donations from across our geography and mainly from The Big Difference and make them available, for free, to the Society of St James residents and service users.  As we also know that it is not just our service users and residents that are suffering, our staff can also use the Pantry for a small charge. Since we started in September 2022 we have counted nearly 600 visits to the pantry and we are learning how to improve the way we do things all the time.

If you would like to help by volunteering at James’ Pantry, donating food or cash to support growth then please contact us here.

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