The SSJ Academy Doors are Open!

We are excited to officially launch the SSJ Academy. This comprehensive initiative has been designed to help residents and service users transform their lives through meaningful activity.

With at least 309,000 people in England experiencing homelessness, we will always continue to develop and offer services to reduce this number and help vulnerable people.

The SSJ Academy targets three important areas where residents and service users can build confidence, qualifications and experience.

The three pillars of the SSJ Academy are:

  • Academy Re-Fit: Meaningful activities, such as sports, hobbies, and volunteering opportunities, to combat social isolation, build trust, and improve self-esteem.
  • Academy Re-Set: Educational courses to develop essential life skills and confidence.
  • Academy Re-Connect: Provides assistance with finding and securing volunteering placements to enhance employability.

SSJ Academy offers service users a hub to take small, positive steps, with regular encouragement from our friendly and experienced team, so they can address their physical, mental and social needs. We want to show them that changing their lives can be incremental, yet still make a huge different. We want SSJ Academy to empower vulnerable residents and service users.

We have been building towards this for a long time and it is incredible to see the SSJ Academy officially open. We can’t wait to see the progress of all the residents and service users. Read more about the SSJ Academy here.

To ensure the SSJ Academy is an ongoing success, we will need lots of help and funding. We hope you will all support us in our upcoming fundraising events. We will also be launching a Corporate Sponsorship Programme soon. If you are interested in sponsoring the SSJ Academy, please get in touch with us at