Volunteers Week – help support us

Voluntary Roles in profile: Volunteers Week

Working as a volunteer for SSJ gives you the chance to support people who have had a life affected by homelessness. There are hundreds of people less fortunate than us, who haven’t had the same opportunities in life and who have struggled with addiction and substance abuse – leading to homelessness – and a life that can often feel like a struggle.

When you work as a volunteer for SSJ, you’ll have a direct impact on those lives. You’ll watch people go on their journey towards independence, seeing them grow in confidence, seeing them prosper – and seeing them overcome the hurdles that were once in front of them.

Our volunteers are important to us. We recognise the hard-work that goes into supporting us through voluntary roles and we are always on the look-out for people with the mindset that supporting others is the best way forward.

If that sounds like you, then why not download one of the voluntary specifications below and join us as a volunteer.

Cafe in the Park – Volunteer Role Profile

Re-Fit Southampton – Volunteer Role Profile

SSJ Care Homes – Volunteer Role Profile

Rough Sleeping Support Service – Volunteer Role Profile