50th Celebration Challenge – Show us what you’ve got

50th Challenge

Without you we wouldn’t be half the organisation we are. From the support we receive in donations each month – to the overwhelming good feeling we receive from each and every person we encounter – we are truly grateful for what we see as our community.

It can be hard to see from afar, but supporting SSJ and those with complex issues, which often leads to homelessness, means they make positive steps forward towards a life they can enjoy, in a home they deserve –and all thanks to the support you provide each and every year.

This year we turn 50and this means we have been supporting people affected by homelessness for half a century!

So, to celebrate, we are turning to you; the community, to find new ways to fundraise for us in 2022. In the past two years we have had people carrying Christmas trees on their back in a marathon and people who have slept under the stars to raise money for us.

Hampshire, what have you got for us in our 50th year?

If you are looking for support to raise money for people affected by homelessness, email Dennis.Jones@SSJ.org.uk