Pathways into volunteering and employment

Pathways into volunteering and employment

About the Pathways Project

Our Pathways programme provides volunteering and employment opportunities across our services.

Volunteering is a valued antidote to social exclusion. For those who have been homeless or are facing multiple disadvantages in society, volunteering can build self-confidence, form social networks and increase employability potential.

Equally, routes into employment are so important to sustaining recovery and independence for those who have been supported through our services. Through Pathways, we identify volunteering opportunities for Service Users across SSJ’s various projects and within partner organisations. In addition, our dedicated lead seeks partnerships with local businesses who will work in partnership with us to provide work experience and employment opportunities for our more stable Service Users.

This programme is especially beneficial to people who are engaging with drug services and are looking to build new skills and experiences to help them move away from addiction and offending behaviour. The programme focuses on people’s strengths, not their deficits and benefits from our organisational focus on a trauma-informed approach.

We welcome volunteering applications from both current and previous service users, and the general public.

There are opportunities to work in many different projects including our Social Enterprise Cafe; Jamie’s Computers, working with the homeless or working at our head office.

If you are an organisation who would like to help us get disadvantaged adults into employment please contact us.

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