Christmas Meal Appeal 2022

We’ve been supporting people affected by homelessness for 50 years – and every year we raise money to provide a hot meal or gift to people in our services at a time when they can feel alone.

You, our supporters, made a huge difference for those who traditionally find Christmas to be a very lonely time. You have raised over £8,500 which meant that we could raise the spirits of more than 450 individuals by providing them with a festive hot meal or gift, creating positive memories that help them realise that homelessness doesn’t have to be their past, present and future.

Our experience in supporting people affected by homelessness tells us that every day a service user enjoys good experiences, it goes a long way to transforming their lives.

Our supporters also stepped up and delivered goods in abundance.

We received chocolates and scarfs, hats and gloves, toiletries and so much more all of which was delivered to our various projects to be given out over Christmas.

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Appeal information: As you raised more than the £5000 target the additional donations will go towards personal budgets, helping vulnerable people take the next step forward in 2023 by buying I.D, bus passes, smart clothes for job interviews, and more.

Thank you from all at The Society of St James.