Lenny’s Heartwarming Journey: Climbing for a Cause

Inspired by the IOM Snowdon trip, committed and brave fundraiser, Lenny Court, aged 9, also decided to climb Mount Snowdon in July to raise funds to support people who have been rough sleeping.

Lenny has been supporting our work since he was 5 collecting donations to help the homeless starting with 100 coats in 2019, 200 hats, gloves and scarfs in 2020, 300 shoes in 2021 and 400 toiletry items in 2022.  For 2023 he is aiming to raise £500 to buy welcome packs for rough sleepers moving into temporary accommodation.

Lenny’s dedication and determination were truly inspiring. With the support of his mum, Rachel, and a heart full of compassion, he tackled the mountain with the spirit of a true adventurer. “We had such a brilliant time,” Rachel shared. “Lenny was up that mountain like a whippet! He was so proud of himself, chatting with anyone and everyone about what he was doing and who for. It was just brilliant!”

Climbing Snowdon was no easy feat, but Lenny refused to give up. The purpose behind his climb served as a driving force, pushing him forward even when the going got tough. “I never gave up,” added Lenny. “I was thinking about all the homeless people I could help get off the streets and have better lives.”

Lenny’s heartfelt efforts touched the hearts of many, and the response was overwhelming. Not only did he achieve his initial goal of £500, but he went above and beyond, raising a total of £1170! His dedication and the generosity of those who supported him meant that more rough sleepers would receive the essential welcome packs they deserved.

Lenny’s journey reminds us all that age is just a number when it comes to making a difference in our society. He proves that a small act of kindness can create a ripple effect of compassion and change. We are immensely grateful to Lenny for his selfless commitment to improving the lives of others.

Thank you, Lenny, for being a shining example of how one young heart can make a big impact. Your efforts have not only provided tangible support to those in need but have also shown us the true meaning of compassion and empathy.