Snowdon Challenge

In late May, 21 residents from our Integrated Offender Management services will climb Mount Snowdon in Snowdonia National Park.   Integrated Offender Management (IOM) is funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) and is a partnership approach involving The Society of St James, Hampshire Constabulary and probation.  The service is aimed at safer, more vibrant and thriving communities, achieved through reducing re-offending and supporting people to live crime free lives.

Pictured above explorers Tobias, Matthew and Richard, May 2023

Our intrepid explorers are being funded by Probation and we have received a generous discount from Mountain Warehouse for some of the equipment the adventurers will need.  The explorers will be joined by some of our housing staff and Hampshire Constabulary’s Western IOM Police Team staff.

This is just one activity in a full timetable of activity choices that supports people to move away from offending and substance addiction, improve mental health and aid recovery whether it be from addictions, mental health, crime or homelessness.  Read more about the importance of meaningful activity in our focussed Academy article.

Russ, Senior Recovery Worker and organiser of this challenge says:

Climbing a mountain could be described as similar to what our clients face within their own IOM journey. Abstinence, mental health and crime, to name a few, can all be considered ‘Mountains of life’. These are giant barriers that appear to have no sense of being conquered and can leave clients feeling deflated before they have even started. Defeating these “Mountains” is not about what is on the other side, its about what you can see around you when you reach the peak and adjusting things on the way back down. As is true for recovery, when the climb is completed and you are stood at the foot of another mountain the fear is less, the anxiety is less, everything is lighter and the willingness to go again is heightened.

Just as the preparation and equipment for climbing a mountain successfully is essential, as is true for recovery. Our clients need the necessary equipment (tools) and to be prepared for what life gives. As a mountain is climbed step by step with provisions for emergencies and all the necessary equipment this is a metaphor to what our clients are trying to achieve for their own lives.

Richard, one of the explorers said:

I think this would be good for my wellbeing and this would be a great achievement to accomplish in my life and something good to look back on and to see how far I can push myself.

Tobias, another explorer said:

I want to go and climb Snowdon for the sense of achievement and to have a positive experience.  I want to tell others that I have climbed the highest mountain in Wales and show others what can be achieved in recovery.  It means a lot to me as my addictions have limited the amount I have achieved in recent years.  The main feeling I will have is that if I can conquer Snowden I can also break habits and overcome the other challenges of life.

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Lenny’s Challenge

Inspired by this Snowdon trip, committed and brave fundraiser, Lenny Court, aged 9, is also going to be climbing Mount Snowdon in July to raise funds to support people who have been rough sleeping.

Lenny has been supporting our work since he was 5 collecting donations to help the homeless starting with 100 coats in 2019, 200 hats, gloves and scarfs in 2020, 300 shoes in 2021 and 400 toiletry items in 2022.  For 2023 he is aiming to raise £500 to buy welcome packs for rough sleepers moving into temporary accommodation. He has already raised over £350!

Please consider helping Lenny (pictured below) to reach his goal here.