Tampon Tax funding awarded to end women’s homelessness

The Society of St James is one of 29 charities across England to receive a grant from Homeless Link’s Ending Women’s Homelessness programme.  The grant is funded by the Government’s Tampon Tax Fund and almost 200 organisations applied for a portion of the £1.85 million pot.

SSJ will use the funding to deliver an exciting new project across Hampshire called ‘Horizons’. Horizons will improve accessibility, capacity and outcomes across our accommodation and other support services for 400 + women with multiple disadvantage.  These women have been, are at risk of or are currently homeless across Hampshire. We will be consulting closely with the women throughout the project to ensure positive outcomes.

We have seen a significant increase in the number of women presenting as homeless across Southampton and Portsmouth, particularly those who are also sex working and have experienced significant trauma. Many have disclosed domestic and/or sexual abuse, either historic or current.

Trevor Pick-up, Chief Executive of SSJ comments: “We are delighted to have been awarded this grant by Homeless Link. We have seen a sharp increase in the numbers of women coming into our services, including our substance misuse, homelessness and housing services, many of whom have complex backgrounds and need high levels of support.  This funding will enable us to be better trained but also to be better prepared to support their needs in a gender and trauma informed way”

We will be working closely with local charity Aurora New Dawn and other relevant local groups and organisations to deliver the Horizons project.  For more information please contact Nicky Wilsenham on  023 8063 4596.

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