What is a 2020challenge?

When it comes to facing challenges, our service users know all about waking up each day with an obstacle to overcome.

So when we were thinking about the best way to help vulnerable people in our care, we decided that it would be an interesting idea to get our supporters actively taking part in their own challenges.

Whether it’s running a marathon with a Christmas tree on their backs, or undertaking a bike ride in North Devon to help build confidence, our supporters have constantly shown they are not afraid to taken on a challenge to help our service users.

Overcoming a challenge can help your own wellness and mental health, SSJ communications officer, Dennis Jones, said:

“I recently took time away from my smartphone – and the difference to my mental health was noticeable.

“Within two days of switching my tech off, I found myself drifting off to sleep much easier, and my brain didn’t feel as scrambled. So although it was a big challenge for me – it was worth it in the end.

“I wanted to transfer that feeling of wellness to our new campaign – and decided we should create the environment where people can overcome their own challenges to help transform their lives, and to have a positive impact on those less fortunate too.”

So what does that mean?

We are simply asking you to take on a challenge, to raise money – if you can – and to share your stories of overcoming your own challenges – in support of those who are confronted with the challenge of sleeping on the streets, or even the worry that they will never find a place to call home.

Some ideas

  • Why not run a marathon on behalf of SSJ and help improve your health and wellness?
  • Why not ride a bike to work each day – and donate the money you have saved to our 2020Challenge campaign?
  • Why not have a tech detox and get friends and family to sponsor you to stay off your smartphone?
  • Or why not get your work colleagues involved to raise money for SSJ as a team with your own work challenge?

For more inspiration, download this Guide to Fundraising from JustGiving.

Start your challenge

So whatever you choose to do, this is your chance to take on a challenge and at the same time raise money for SSJ – knowing that any money you raise will go towards helping provide safe accommodation to those who are most vulnerable in 2020.

Register now and start your own challenge.

We look forward to hearing about your adventures in 2020.