New funding for bike project helps key workers

New funding from the Bike Bike Revival (Cycling UK) and Southampton City Council helps Re-Cycle Bikes get key workers moving during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The funding will allow volunteers at Re-Cycle Bikes, many who have experienced homelessness, to refurbish bikes – whilst socially distancing-  which will used by key workers across Southampton. This gives the volunteers a chance to provide a valuable service to the local community – as well as learning new skills which will give them confidence and a feeling of self-worth.

Once refurbished the bikes will be given to key workers, helping them make their journeys to and from work during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Helmets, locks, and lights are also provided by the Saints4Sport and Re-Cycle teams who have been funded by the Big Bike Revival (Cycling UK) and Southampton City Council to provide this service.

Since launching the project last week, more than 20 key workers, including nurses and carers, have already received a bike to help them make their journey to work.