Proud of our care and support workers

The tireless efforts of SSJ workers

Last night, and quite rightly, the country came together to share their appreciation for the incredible work done by NHS staff members during the outbreak of Covid-19. We know how important care work is – especially in times like today.

At SSJ we have hundreds of members of staff working on the frontline, including those at St James Care, the Homeless Day Service, our Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services, and at our centres across Hampshire. We have always known that we have a fantastic team of support and care workers in Hampshire and we are incredibly proud to know that they are helping provide our service users with the very best in care and support during these times.

Each and every one of these key workers are heading to work each day to help care for and support the most vulnerable in society – from those who have spent years on the streets, to others who suffer from illnesses which means they could be greatly affected by Covid-19. Not once have they looked back – their focus has been entirely on protecting those who have already suffered so greatly in their lives.

When we were clapping for NHS staff members, we were also sending a round of applause to our staff members at SSJ – for the incredible work they do. Their hard work, selflessness, and determination to make sure our service users are looked after shows what a credit they are to our organisation.

We are sure you will want to send a message of thanks to them too.