2020 – the year so far

It has been a very busy start to 2020

Coming off the back of our Christmas campaign, we wanted to try and find new ways to raise awareness about the work we do. We have spent the first two months of 2020 looking at new ways to engage with our supporters, and also creating new content on our website to help you understand more about the work we do.

We were also able to provide service users with a Christmas meal – all thanks to the money raised over Christmas. And the Cafe in the Park hosted a number of vulnerable people who by all accounts, had a great time. We also published a story about Patsy which told the story of the man who continues to drive us forward – even after his death.

And the start to 2020 has been just as busy as the end to 2019, with plenty of news stories to share – and even more to come over the next few weeks. The case study we published last week gives a good insight into how powerful positive actions can be – and this power comes from the support we get from our supporters.

We’ve also announced a number of activities to take place on International Women’s Day, as we continue our fight to end women’s homelessness – with support from Southern Co-op, HaHa Hairdressing, and the Ending Women’s Homelessness fund.

As well as this we have also created some tips on how you can raise money for us during 2020, as we ask people across the country to overcome their own challenge at the same time as our service users overcome theirs – and pledge your support to End Homelessness.

There are also a number of events taking place to raise money for SSJ, including the Spring Concert this Sunday. If you are holding an event and want to raise money to help end homelessness, feel free to email us and tell us about it – we love to hear more about what our supporters are up to.

Recent weather conditions

The recent storms can focus the mind on those who are living on the streets. With torrential rainfall and wind speeds in excess of 40mph, it is those who are affected by homelessness who feel the impact. The rain washes through the small amount of cover they have, the wind blows through the small amount of shelter they have – leaving them prone to the extreme cold – and the potential for illness. This is why the Day Service Centre makes a big difference – giving homeless people the chance to find shelter when they need it.

This is why our aim this year is to raise money so we can invest in housing across Hampshire.  By purchasing more property we can directly help those affected by homelessness and the severe weather conditions which are part of their everyday life. By providing shelter, these people can start the process of looking towards a brighter future.

To follow our updates, bookmark our news page, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. You can also follow us on LinkedIn to hear more about the work we do alongside local businesses.

We have some exciting news just over the horizon, so stay in touch on social media – and keep an eye out for our updates. 

Let’s end homelessness.